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Your 5 favorite posts of 2019

Catch up on any of our reader's favorite articles you might have missed over the past year.

This year, our readers were looking into the past and towards the future, with our five most popular articles focusing on the innovators that paved the way for new location and mobility technologies to blossom.

How exploding electric cars could save your life

When an article poses a question this intriguing, you gotta find out the answer.

As things go, the most dangerous thing about a crashed electric car is the risk of electrocution. Engineers at Bosch came up with a system that explodes the connections between the car's battery and the rest of it to nullify that risk entirely – making it easier for emergency services to engage with victims at the crash site, and saving lives.


To find out more, read the full article.

Taking the boring out of interactive in-flight maps

We wonder how many of you read this article while flying, or at an airport?

Regardless, we believe our readers are exactly the type of people who gravitate towards in-flight maps, and would love to see them spruced up in the decade to come. And with options like flight simulator games, interactive destination searches, and more on the table, we're right there with you.

Read the full article to find out what else you may be doing on planes rather than watch a movie you only half care about.

These three women's scientific contributions continue to power modern society

Following on the trend of innovators, you loved reading about these three women: Hedy Lamarr, Mary Anderson, and Ada Lovelace, who greatly contributed to the scientific and technological advances we're able to make today.

Read more about their breakthroughs in the fields of wireless transmission, automotive design, and computer programming; and give them the dues today that they didn't receive in their own time.

Going live: how old maps are being dusted off for a modern world

For all those into maps, your interest was piqued by this story about how Leonardo da Vinci made a satellite map in 1502.

This map, made of the small Italian town of Imola, was produced using simple tools including a compass to determine orientations, an alidade to capture the angles, and an odometer to record distances, and remains surprisingly accurate. Of course, we can do better with today's technology, but we'd have never reached that point without renaissance men like da Vinci.


Follow this link to see a picture of da Vinci's map, and a comparison to Imola as it is today.

Introducing the smart motorcycle helmet of the near future

Smart tech and motorcycles proved to be a combination too cool for our readers to resist learning more about in 2019.

Indeed, the Jarvish helmet – powered by our technology – may be the coolest item we've written about this past year. The helmet is packed with too many features to list in this wrap-up, including but not limited to a HUD, voice control, noise cancellation, wireless connectivity, a 2K front camera – and it protects your head in the case of an accident.

For everything this amazing helmet can do for you, read the full article here. Unfortunately, we can't help you when it comes to getting a motorcycle license.

So, there you have it, your top five articles of 2019.

We closed out this decade with new partnerships, new solutions, and tons of exciting news and ideas. Here's to what the next one brings! See you in 2020…

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