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The secret to providing proof of delivery in shipping

Businesses that oversee fleets of workers and vehicles need accurate information to hone their competitive edge. We’re enabling Paragon to streamline deliveries, and heighten the brand experience.

We live in an age with an immense amount of location information. When we want to know where a store is, nearly any connected device can locate it in a matter of seconds. When we want to know if it’s faster to drive or take the train, apps instantly tell us the more time-efficient choice. When we summon a car service, apps tell us where that car is, the license plate, and how long it will be before the driver arrives.

Business owners need access to these same types of information. Real-time tracking and highly accurate communications have become increasingly common consumer expectations. As a result, delivery operations across most industries are now under pressure to provide highly detailed delivery information.

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A real-time view into delivery fleet insights

fleXipod offers transport and fleet operators an easy-to-use, flexible tool that streamlines the delivery process and improves customer service. HERE is proud to provide them with mapping and location data services that make it possible.

Paragon has enhanced fleXipod with a map-based driver tracking service powered by HERE location data. Their new functionality enables logistics planners and operation managers to provide customers with access to live status updates on the location and progress of their deliveries and appointments.

Beyond proof of delivery

Through the flexipod mobile application, drivers can enter data regarding any delivery. That includes the ability to enter a note about a successful appointment, or taking a picture of the location in case of a delivery exception. That information is then visible to the command center back home giving managers the ability to solve delivery issues quickly, and provide a positive, transparent experience for the customer. This gives managers the ability to solve delivery issues quickly, and provide a positive, transparent experience for the customer.

The world is seeing a steady growth of eCommerce deliveries to homes and offices across the world. When deliveries become business as usual, the accuracy of ETAs and a streamlined customer experience are paramount. Industry demands a steady improvement of the information flow between delivery management hubs, drivers in the field, and consumers.

As that information becomes a regular part of operational planning, companies in the delivery and service sectors will benefit from first-time delivery success, increased customer confidence and reduced call volume due to missed or late deliveries.

Learn more about HERE fleet management and location intelligence.

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