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What you need to know as we go into 2020: our Editor's picks

Time waits for no one, and 2020 will be here before we know it. What should we keep in mind, as we embark on a brand-new year?

What innovations are in store for 2020? What advancements in automotive, logistics, IoT, infrastructure and mobility will come to our doorsteps? We'll be sharing and discussing many of those things at CES in January. But before close the book on 2019, we're looking back at some of our staff's favorite stories from 2019.

Congressman or criminal? Teaching AI about race discrimination

One of the greatest unintended gains in AI research in 2019 has been in exposing the biases implicitly (or explicitly) passed into AI systems by the humans that create them. Tech companies are in a highly competitive race to bring their AI solutions to their consumers. However, sacrificing ethics in order to be first to market will almost certainly result in disaster.

Your location is constantly being tracked – but here's why that's a good thing

If you've spent much time thinking about the tech-driven services of the future, you've likely discovered, perhaps even struggled with, your own concerns about privacy. You're not alone. On the positive side, sharing data enables a new class of services and conveniences that will continue to grow in 2020. By consciously exchanging elements of privacy, we gain access to faster delivery, multimodal mobility, and even the means to protect our privacy in more sensitive areas.

HERE Location Suite is now integrated into the Oracle IoT Cloud

Making our location data and tools available to those developers that are actively building the future is of paramount importance. Our tools and APIs have always been available to the public while also integrating those same tools into systems like AWS and Oracle. As a trusted partner providing location data, we look forward to another year of providing fresh, reliable location data to every developer that needs them to bring their visions to life.

Marijuana delivery on-demand sparks controversy in legal states

The rapid legalization of cannabis across the U.S. has brought equal measures of opportunities and problems to would-be entrepreneurs. The demand for regulated products from legal providers through discreet delivery developed overnight, leaving newly founded dispensaries in a bind to quickly create transparent, safe-guarded delivery solutions that can compete with the black-market trade.

When premium auto makers need location data, they turn to HERE

Our roots in the automotive industry run deep, and we're thrilled every time we are given the opportunity to expand our list of partners. The same Intelligent systems that will soon power autonomous cars are needed in the present to create smarter, more informed drivers.

Automated Driving

Helping automated driving systems be more reliable, safe and comfortable across all levels of automation.

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