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How to seamlessly incorporate weather data into your fleet's route

Location technology combined with weather data makes route planning to avoid extreme climate events even easier in a new partnership between HERE and AccuWeather.

Weather. It can be uncooperative, potentially dangerous and can make life on the road more challenging. And for fleet operators, extreme weather can cost your business money through delays and spoiled cargo. But an accurate new weather tool in the HERE Marketplace  aims to make route planning even smarter.

From rain and snow to fog and wind, the weather is one of the most difficult things motorists have to contend with on the road. It's also one of the deadliest.

According to a report by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), which examined traffic collisions over a 10-year period, poor weather accounted for 21% of vehicle crashes every year in the United States, and 16% of all crash fatalities.

Rainfall weather conditions

Rainfall represents one of the most critical weather condition variables in traffic safety.

For drivers of large vehicles such as trucks, the problems caused by weather are often exacerbated. Driving across a bridge in a heavy gale might feel a bit unpleasant in a car, but it could overturn a high-sided vehicle like a truck, potentially ruining whatever cargo was on board. Stopping distances, too, are severely compromised in low-grip conditions.

In its study, the FHA found that 12% of all truck delays are caused by weather, costing trucking companies and fleets up to $3.5billion a year in lost revenue. For fleet operators, being able to accurately predict and reroute drivers during extreme weather events could improve ETAs, reduce costs, and keep people and freight safe.

Driving in snowy weather conditions

Is your fleet ready for winter?

AccuWeather, the world's most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings, has joined the HERE Marketplace, allowing you to effortlessly add up-to-the-minute weather data to your routing package.

For your drivers, this means a highly accurate picture of the road ahead, allowing them to choose routes that avoid roads with, for instance, high winds or flooding.

Besides fleet management, the AccuWeather data can be used by electric vehicle drivers to manage their range better. Currently, electric cars' batteries are affected by swings in temperature, losing more energy in cold weather. The anonymized location data, together with up-to-the-minute temperature predictions, means you can make a more informed decision about how far to travel with your current charge, as well as where to charge en route.

The same tech can also be used by retailers to predict demand for certain items based on weather patterns. Again, people's identities and personal information are not identifiable for privacy reasons.

Discover how you can add AccuWeather to your routing platform here.

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