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Traffic Automotive Developers Editor's Picks Real-Time Traffic

Understanding the depth of traffic services available for developers

The HERE Traffic Suite is an extensive portfolio of developer tools that delivers a lot more than a set of red and yellow lines. It’s billions of data points perpetually analyzed and updated every 60 seconds to provide lane-level traffic information now, or 10 hours from now.

A Steinway piano is made up of more than 12,000 individual parts. A Formula 1 car has around 5,000 parts. Binary code has 2 parts.

Just like all of those things, our traffic services portfolio is a work of art. Or, perhaps more realistically, our traffic services portfolio is made up of multiple parts that collectively enable to a high-performance tool – which is at work right now, enabling optimal traffic reporting and planning.

The construct of Traffic Services is much deeper than the set of red and yellow lines seen when you open your smartphone or turn on in-car navigation. The tools that we provide for reporting and updating traffic utilizes billions of GPS data points every day. We use more than 100 incident reporting services, and we leverage data captured from connected-car sensors, smartphones, personal navigation devices, fixed road sensors, smart-enabled commercial vehicles, and expert monitors observing accidents and construction, 24/7/365.

Put together, these data points are analyzed and distributed for 100% of the roads across 63 countries. The AI processes managing this data not only enables reporting on current traffic conditions, but also accurately predict future traffic conditions in the next 10 minutes, 10 hours, or 10 days.



By way of introduction, the HERE Traffic Suite is made up of four parts.

HERE Real-Time Traffic

At the core of the portfolio is the HERE Real-Time Traffic service. As a real-time, digital depiction of the live state of the road, this part of the system provides minute-by-minute updates on where congestion is happening.

With the data collated from congestion, accidents, lane closures and other data points, we provide drivers or autonomous cars with the information needed to decide when to slow down, when they need to change lanes, and when they need to consider an alternate route.

HERE Predictive Traffic

Whether you’ll be hitting the road in 5 minutes or leaving in 5 hours, HERE Predictive Traffic uses a combination of real-time traffic updates and historical trends to forecast what traffic will look like up to 12 hours in the future.

Case in point, if you know you need to get to Heathrow at 17:00, you can plan for the optimal time to leave the office later, all before you’ve finished your morning tea. If the forecast changes, the system can send an alert, so you can adjust your departure time, and get there in plenty of time.

HERE Traffic Patterns

Stretching beyond 12 hours, HERE Traffic Patterns uses extensive historical data from 83 countries to show the average speed of the roadways. This precise information informs drivers and logistics planners about where they can consistently expect to see slowdowns on the roads.

Using billions of multi-year speed observations, we can provide optimal route planning by finding the fastest way through complex road networks.

HERE Traffic Analytics

Roads are the veins of the city – HERE Traffic Analytics reports where the traffic flows best, and where improvement needs to be made.

Helping government agencies and infrastructure decision-makers, we take on the challenge of determining how changes in the road will impact the flow of traffic at the micro and macro levels. With a precise depiction of road traffic and movement, leaders can make smarter decisions on how best to expand their cities.

All of these different systems play their part in providing insight into the roads, whether we’re about to depart for the office, planning a trip upstate, or deciding how to expand the roadways in developing parts of the city.

Want to learn more about developing solutions with traffic services? Our Developer Evangelist Jayson DeLancey has you covered on the HERE Developer Blog.

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