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Tencent, owner of WeChat and QQ, selects HERE as global provider of map data

Tencent, one of the world's biggest online service providers, has selected HERE Technologies as their main provider of global map content and places information. HERE will power the Tencent mapping platform that supports all their products and services, including WeChat and QQ.

Tencent is one of the world’s biggest online service providers. Part of their offerings include the well-known chat and instant messaging applications WeChat and QQ, which together boast over 1.8 billion monthly active users.

The apps fall into the category of super apps, which means that users integrate their functionalities into an ever-increasing part of their lives. WeChat, for example, has grown from a messaging app to a messaging ecosystem that encompasses over 1 million mini apps. The mini apps allow users to install further functionalities that allow them to pay for food, find and unlock bikes they can use to get around cities, and much more.


Tencent offerings are part of an always-on, connected, and evolving world. Their users expect always up-to-date mapping information. Enter the new partnership.

Tencent has selected HERE Technologies as their main provider of global map content and places information. As part of the partnership, HERE will power the mapping platform from Tencent outside of China with its location platform and places data, including Japan. HERE will be supporting the large user base with fresh global maps and accurate places information.

As the leading global provider of location data and platform services, we’re committed to delivering up-to-date and high-quality maps for 200 countries and territories. Leading companies from around the world and across industries trust us when it comes to delivering high-quality map data and location services.

We detect, process and publish tens of millions of changes to its map data every week to keep it as fresh as possible. This includes hundreds of millions of places and point addresses worldwide to discover and interact with.

When combined with the world’s most used apps, this means a better daily user experience for partners of HERE technologies and their customers. We’re proud to extend our services in this partnership with Tencent.

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