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Sensors ingestion

Transportation and Logistics — 6 minute read / Oct 18, 2021

How will large trucks be fueled in the future?

Trucks. They're the backbone of the supply chain. But as the world goes electric, why aren't more big rigs making the switch? And what are the alternatives?

Sensors Ingestion — 3 minute read / June 28, 2016

HERE standard for shared car data wins pan-European backing

by Lori Castle


New York 40° 42' 52.38" N, -74° 0' 25.632" E

Sensors Ingestion — 3 minute read / August 24, 2015

HERE rallies car industry to agree on common data format

by Ian Delaney


London 51° 30' 23.112" N, -0° 7' 37.956" E

Control your fleet

Reduce costs, save time and improve sustainability by digitizing your fleet.

Find out more
Sensors Ingestion — 5 minute read / June 23, 2015

HERE shares how automated cars can ‘heal’ maps on the fly

by Leo Kent


London 51° 30' 23.112" N, -0° 7' 37.956" E

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