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Smart Cities Public Sector

Improving the well-being of our cities' starts with better mobility

As HERE Technologies Senior Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific, I recently discussed in an interview with Bloomberg the future of mapping, the importance of autonomous vehicles and how artificial intelligence (AI) will transform all traditional industries.

Today, I would like to put the focus on some major takeaways from that discussion and my views for the future, as I’ll be continuing this conversation with an emphasis on cutting-edge mobility solutions in smart cities at the ITS World Congress in Singapore.

The next generation of mobility solutions are here 

In this era of digitization, industries of all kinds are experiencing rapid development. This disruption, if harnessed properly has the power to stimulate companies and industries of all sizes and enhance not only the customer experience, but the human experience, too. Digitization is aiding in a profound way the transformation from chaotic urban mobility, into calmer, safer and more efficient experiences. Think better infrastructure and roads for countries with an aging population or countries where more than half its population is living in the cities. 

When we say “AI is going to change all traditional industries” it might come off as intimidating or foreboding, where in fact, it’s very much the opposite. For instance, mapmaking was once a very traditional industry. Now map information and geodata are being curated almost entirely through digital and automated methods. This was a major departure from how things used to be, but now it serves as a successful example of the capabilities AI, machine learning and digitization have to offer.

First, AI helped automate routine mapmaking tasks because it can process more data at a faster pace than you or I. Then it evolved to the much more sophisticated and location-aware state of today, where it continues to evolve and develop. Now AI capabilities enable unparalleled quality, resulting in high-definition, self-healing maps that are exceedingly accurate at navigating roadways and airways effectively.

Smart solutions for smart cities and beyond

From public to private sectors across the world, digitization is paramount in order to keep pace with growth and customer expectations. Industries including public transit, city planning, automotive, agricultural and transport and logistics, can benefit from the disruption brought on by digitization and location intelligence.

In cities, reducing congestion, improving traffic flow and positively affecting health and safety are some of the many ways AI and location intelligence can enable positive disruption. Smart mobility is crucial to making cities function effectively, but these solutions must oftentimes be tailored to the unique transport needs of individual cities. 

Autonomous driving and vehicle-to-vehicle communication can help improve efficient mobility for all. AI can inform on many aspects of what’s happening in a vehicle; driver reactions, speed, even their eye movements. Pair this with location intelligence and now our driver is aware of advancing threats such as accidents and congestion, making the road safe for all users.

As we move further into the age of digitization and autonomy, our goal at HERE is to empower industries to embrace disruption and the life-changing solutions that accompany it. We look to create smart cities and smart agricultural developments by implementing location-rich AI and autonomous vehicles to achieve a further integrated, more efficient world.

Let's keep the conversation going at ITS World Congress

I hope to see you at the ITS World Congress in Singapore October 21-25. This year’s theme of “Smart Mobility, Empowering Cities” heavily reflects Singapore’s own commitment to creating the most livable smart city and achieving a higher quality of life and an ever-connected community.


This year's congress will also explore topics such as: Multimodal Transport of People and Goods, Sustainable Smart Cities and Intelligent, Connected and Automated Vehicles. 

Join me and our distinguished panel of speakers at our engaging forum on "Mobility Solutions for Smart Cities", where we'll share what smart mobility means to us and the solutions to turn it into a reality. In the true spirit of collaboration and networking, this high-level session also provides a necessary platform for companies to share solutions that can empower cities to improve the well-being of residents and local businesses. Don’t wait to register!

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