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Recycling's on pause and delivery's on demand: HERE and RouteSmart to the rescue

As lockdowns ease, certain regions face a backlog of recycling. HERE partner RouteSmart has a location-based solution designed to help.

Although COVID-19 has noticeably altered our access to food, travel and entertainment, many don't realize the impact the virus has had on equally important everyday services: recycling for example.

In the Canadian province of New Brunswick, recycling has been temporarily suspended to protect workers' health and Ontario-based retail chain, The Beer Store, followed suit.

When restrictions are lifted there's going to be a lot of cleaning up to do as residents and businesses in these areas accumulate bottles, cans, egg cartons, plastics, cardboard - not to mention the current delivery demand most businesses will continue to face.

Luckily RouteSmart, a company that's been working with HERE for over twenty years, can make the task less daunting.

RouteSmart uses HERE map data to support two of their major product offerings: RouteSmart Online and RouteSmart Routing as a Service (RaaS).

Right now, many of RouteSmart's local delivery clients are confronting significant distribution and service delivery challenges because of COVID-19.

To help RouteSmart clients manage the situation the company is offering 90-day free access to RouteSmart RaaS to help drivers and fleet managers get jobs done faster.

They're calling their client assistance initiative, Routes2theRescue.

Recycling & Routing Solutions

In the Canadian province of New Brunswick, recycling has been temporarily suspended to protect workers' health.

Tech-driven hands make light work

Through RouteSmart's new offering, clients receive access to RaaS and upgraded subscriptions to RouteSmart Online, both of which feature powerful algorithms enabling users to solve complex vehicle and employee routing challenges.

“We anticipated clients were going to need assistance so we rolled out Routes2theRescue to our client community last week [April 13]. Powered by HERE data, [Routes2theRescue] supports managing impacts to their operations," explained VP of Sales and Marketing Chriz Walz.*

Raas can be used to optimize delivery lists via driving instructions for drivers, help newspaper clients, manage subscriber “churn" or assist waste collection operators with designing complex routes involving bulky pick-ups and container deliveries.

Routing Tools

Clearing away up to six weeks of recycling backlog and meeting the delivery boom will be easier and less stressful with automated routing tools. 

With lockdowns still in effect in many regions around the world, online food sales ever-increasing and cities beginning to plan post-COVID cleanups, solutions from RouteSmart Technologies, along with the world's best digital map data will certainly come in handy.

“We expect to see clients from all of our core industries take advantage of the program. RouteSmart Technologies is proud to be working with HERE to support clients – and the communities they serve – with technology to help them navigate the impacts to their businesses and organizations."

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