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Inside precise positioning with Tatiana Vyunova, Senior Product Manager, HERE

What does positioning technology do? It helps accurately locate devices and equipment via satellites, cellular, and WiFi signals, inside or outside.

As brands across various industries work to meet consumer demand, more businesses are depending on positioning services to increase accuracy and maintain efficiency.

Positioning refers to the ability to locate devices in time and space with varying levels of precision. It's used in navigation, but also in transportation and logistics, tracking and in mobile banking to detect and prevent fraud, to name only a few examples.

That's why HERE Positioning supports multiple positioning technologies including coarse low-power and low-cost cellular methods, and also accurate WiFi and sensor-based methods suitable for urban canyons, GPS Rescue and other indoor tracking use cases. In addition, HERE Positioning provides the most accurate localization for robotics and high precision Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for autonomous driving.

HD GNSS and Positioning Technology

Statista reports: "In 2019, the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) market was valued at 150.7 billion euros, with forecasts for 2029 suggesting it is likely to rise to 324.4 billion euros."

Also known as High Definition Global Navigational Satellite System or HD GNSS, HERE Positioning uses precise positioning (PPP and RTK) data streams, which can be easily augmented with on-device positioning algorithms.

Tatiana Vyunova, Senior Product Manager at HERE explains: “With the latest HD GNSS API, we provide developers with easy-to-access, precise positioning capabilities. HERE HD GNSS service enables sub-meter accuracy even on mainstream devices, such as mobile phones. In the context of automotive and enterprise-grade receivers, HERE HD GNSS service can achieve 10 - 20 cm accuracy globally."

What kinds of industries benefit from HERE Positioning?

Automotive: enhance driver safety

  • Help autonomous vehicle drivers find the correct lane on highways and avoid obstacles on the road in the case of sensor issues or bad weather
Fleet Management: improve fleet navigation

  • Aid fleet drivers in navigating multi-lane highways and avoid getting lost. Maintain high performance even with interference from buildings, trees, tunnels, and bridges
Urban Mobility: find people and equipment easily

  • Locate e-scooters and bikes and precisely determine ride-share passenger locations, as well as pick-up/drop-off points inside large venues
Public Sector: decrease response times

  • Route calls to the appropriate response centers based on the caller's location, and access precise locations in multi-story buildings for emergency teams
Device OEMs and Chipset Manufacturers: improve device performance

  • Enhance location and device performance on everyday devices such as fitness trackers, AR/VR games, wearables and smart devices

HERE Positioning is a set of APIs, SDK, and cloud services. It is easily integrated across devices and can work indoors, outdoors, online, or even offline by downloading compressed radio maps. For developers, this allows the design of power-efficient location solutions with greater accuracy, better reliability and, scalable, global coverage.

Experience HERE Positioning in action in this short video.

HERE Positioning

Precisely locate devices and assets through global satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi signals both outdoors and indoors

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