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The methodology behind our Location Trends 2018 research

Cloud processing, machine learning, location intelligence and beyond - our products span multiple industries, so it’s essential that our research does too.

We know that innovation in one industry can deliberately or indirectly affect changes in an adjacent or completely different one.

In our company, we are often confronted with the notion that location is omnipresent and a core attribute of many products and services. We are driven to uncover whether innovation happens as a result of technological improvements or due to customers’ changing values and needs.

That’s why our trend research crosses over a wide breadth of verticals: retail, work, fitness and healthcare, leisure and entertainment, transportation and automotive, lifestyle, domestic appliances, logistics, education, food, financial services, and fleet management.

Throughout the year, we attend relevant trade shows, conferences, and events with the aim to gather the valuable information we need to make predictions about what is going to happen.


By attending diverse events all over the world, we observe patterns and anomalies first-hand in markets, society, economy, geopolitics, and technology. We combine this extensive, continuous on-site research with the expertise and experience within our own workforce to distill the noise of voices and opinions into the most relevant, impactful data points.

Trends take place equally both inside and outside the visibility line of end consumers. That’s why we also monitor governmental projects, platforms, vehicles, data products, devices, infrastructure, and services alike.

We believe the best way to be innovative is to trigger discussion about how our future will look, before somebody else does.

Internally, our teams are always present- and future-minded. We regularly hold “What if” interdisciplinary work-sessions to understand and translate how some of the trends are relevant to HERE, our products, relationships and future. We value and constantly encourage multiple discussions and interactive touchpoints within HERE to gather the points of view of our location experts.

We enable a speculative interpretation into “Indicators of Change” and share them

in the form of reports, workshops, and presentations. The process of creative problem solving consists of looking at things differently to find incremental or radical innovations. And an open dialogue between company, markets, and society enables this foundation of links and ideas.

What’s next?

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing detailed break-downs of each of the trends identified above, as well as our methodology of research and reporting. If you want to download the full report, get in touch with us.

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