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Meet HERE XYZ, the powerful location data management cloud service

A new location data management cloud service from HERE Technologies solves key problems for developers working with location data, resulting in better maps, made quickly, for sharing on the web or in an app.

If you’re a developer working with location data, there’s a good chance you have been around the block of evaluating the platforms, services and data from multiple location providers. It is not a simple task.

As you become familiar with the provider landscape, available choices seem to be bookended by hard to learn tools that require deep domain expertise for unclear payoff or ones that appear attractively free to try but convert to expensive propositions on a hair-trigger.

More significantly, none of the available options do a good job of location data management – a key aspect of working with location data.

Simply put, you should not have to become a location expert to use location in your applications.

This is why we have created HERE XYZ. At a glance, XYZ is a real-time, cloud-based location data management toolset. It contains simple APIs, SDKs, components and interactive tools that make the process of creating maps easier and faster for everyone. 

Rather than calling it great and amazing (it is), then making you dig in for yourself, I want to share some key components about why we know that HERE XYZ is the most useful tool in the marketplace.

For starters, it’s an open tool. To us, that means community-orientation, open-source software and open-data. The development of HERE XYZ will be highly attuned to community feedback, re-enforced by a growing and ongoing set of open-source contributions, and invigorated by data from a broad collection of owners and providers, all served up by HERE XYZ.

We work and play well with others too. HERE XYZ has adopted standards, such as GeoJSON, and will keep doing so whenever possible. We have ensured that using HERE XYZ for location data management doesn’t shackle you to a single renderer – pick the one you want, we support it. Last, but not least, HERE XYZ will be transparent so that developers can avoid lock-in due to technology or business terms.

HERE XYZ works in real-time - your location data is always immediately available, scales up with your needs and is served up live. Regardless of whether you upload a few points or very large datasets, we’ll meet your needs…and when you’re ready to share with the world, you are live at the push of a button.

Ready to get started? I am excited to announce that we are ready to bring HERE XYZ to the developer community in an open beta starting today!

I hope you will take the time to try HERE XYZ, see what you can build, tell us what you want to see added, and share examples of projects you’re building. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details about specific tools and how to put them to work in your applications.

Get started at explore.xyz.here.com

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