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How modern map tech can make you a safer driver

A new technology that gives cars and their drivers a clearer picture of the road to improve safety and comfort has been unveiled at the 2020 CES Show in Las Vegas.

From driverless cars to collision avoidance, automated car systems require very precise road-level information to work effectively. At the moment, they rely on built-in cameras to monitor the road but this is compromised if the weather's poor or the cameras can't see the lane markings.

Now as we enter a new decade, a breakthrough technology that gives cars and their drivers an accurate digital representation of the road has been unveiled – and it could accelerate the feasibility of autonomous cars.

HERE Lanes allows a vehicle to position itself in a lane while also giving drivers lane-level visual guidance.

It uses HD Map Data to improve Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and mobile applications. By providing them with precise 3D models of lane topology, geometry and local data such as speed limits, road signs and the slope and curvature of intersections, it makes driving safer and more relaxing.

It's particularly beneficial in poor weather conditions such as snow or fog or in areas where lane markings are faded. While camera-based ADAS systems struggle to read the road in such conditions, HERE Lanes compliments and improves their performance and safety by using live and accurate map data.

In live tests conducted by VSI Labs, HERE lane-level data was shown to improve the function of ADAS Lane Keep Assist in situations where lanes merge onto highways or the car's optical sensors where restricted due to fog, rain or snow.

“Advanced Driver Assistance Systems provide immediate opportunities to increase road safety on a global level. At the same time, ADAS is the bridge to fully automated driving from a technical and consumer adoption standpoint," said Sheila Nedelcu, head of automated driving at HERE.

“HERE Lanes delivers automakers and software developers the data they need to improve today's ADAS functions in all weather conditions while building the next generation of applications supported by lane-level positioning, guidance and visualization."

HERE Lanes is available globally and compliments the recent launch of HERE Live Sense SDK. This technology turns smartphones into powerful ADAS systems and makes modern safety tech more universally available for drivers of older cars. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, HERE Live Sense SDK turns devices with front-facing cameras into highly intelligent vehicle sensors.

By continuously scanning the driver's environment, devices can then detect objects on the road, such as other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, road infrastructure such as traffic lights and road signs and potential hazards such as potholes, road closures or construction zones and notify the driver with audible and visual alerts, so they can take action.

HERE Lanes is a part of the our portfolio of automotive solutions to support all levels of vehicle automation.

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