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Connected Driving

HERE maps will enable new Hyundai owners to glide through traffic

Hyundai, makers of the Kona, the Elantra and the Sonata, will empower North American drivers with Real-Time Traffic and road information from HERE maps.

We’re excited to announce that select 2018 Hyundai models will include HERE maps and navigation technologies.  The integrated systems will provide drivers with the real-time information needed to make smarter, safer decisions on the roadway.

Car models like the Sonata, that come with a navigation head unit, will be able to receive the fresh map data that is essential for navigating the modern road.  Congested roadways, construction zones, efficient routes and travel times will all be easily viewed and managed at the driver’s and passenger’s fingertips.


Hyundai drivers with the equipped models will be part of a huge community.  Our Real-Time Traffic service aggregates data from a global network of connected car fleets across multiple car brands. For drivers, this means perpetual access to rich, precise information about the road conditions ahead.  The information that Hyundai models detect, in turn, feeds back to the community of HERE equipped vehicles, making a more informed drive for everyone.

This feature-rich traffic information will be provided at no additional cost to new model buyers.  As well, regular core map updates will be made available from Hyundai through our MapCare update system.  Car owners will be able to download updates, receive easily installed updates via mail, or can visit their local Hyundai dealership.


Our use of both proprietary and partner technologies like HERE Real-Time Traffic is vital to giving our customers the experience of better safety, better information, and a better drive. Its inclusion in Hyundai models exhibits a multi-faceted approach to improving customer experience.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can come and experience the newest Sonata and Elantra models at the L.A. Auto Show.  See you there!


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