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HERE services are now available on SAP Cloud

We’re proud to announce the availability of HERE Location Services in the SAP Cloud platform and developer tools.

In January of this year, we stepped into the spotlight at CES to announce that we would not be satisfied to simply create the most advanced location intelligence platform, then keep it for ourselves and our industry partners. That’s not collaborative, and collaboration is required to achieve the promise of an autonomous world.

Our constant endeavor has been to get the most advanced location platform in the hands of the makers and the doers out there, to make location intelligence available to a multitude of developers across ecosystems. Ten months later, millions over millions of developers have access to high quality HERE services that bring location intelligence to a range of applications and solutions cutting across critical use cases and industry verticals.

In addition to improving the developer experience by enriching our portal and simplifying business models for them, we’re making it easier than ever to adopt HERE services, and put them to work seamlessly within the environment developers are most comfortable with. Our vision is that it should be fluid and intuitive to discover and deploy our location services in your apps/services/products/projects regardless of their complexity or scale.

To address the needs of our enterprise developers and partners, we’ve been working for some time with SAP to bring our location services to this ecosystem consisting of 413,000 partners and millions of developers.

Screenshot 2018-11-09 10.08.55

SAP API Hub is the one place where developers on the SAP Cloud platform go to discover, try and deploy APIs for their applications and solutions. So we’re very proud to announce the availability of our services on the SAP API Hub.

The documentation and end points for the HERE Location Services REST APIs are now available to SAP Developers on the SAP API Hub itself. In order to access the APIs, developers can sign up for our Freemium plan through developer.here.com. In 30 seconds or less, developers can create an account, obtain API credentials, and begin using HERE services from within the SAP Cloud Platform and tools like SAP Web IDE.

Earlier this year we simplified our licensing and billing with our Freemium developer offering and now we are making accessibility and usability of our APIs as seamless as possible. We do the heavy lifting by obfuscating the complexities for developers so that they can focus on what they are best at — building.

Ready to get started?

To get started with sample code, you can find Michael Palermo's hands-on training guide on GitHub.

To dive right in using our services on the SAP API Hub, visit the HERE Location Suite on SAP Business Hub.

Questions or comments? Reach out to us on Twitter, or on StackOverflow.

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