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Developers Editor's Picks HERE at CES 2018

HERE enables 2.5 million developers to leverage location intelligence

Last week at CES, unfazed by the rain and the blackout, we shared a variety of location technology capabilities with tens of thousands of visitors. An important facet of our capabilities is that we’re not creating these solutions solely for ourselves, we’re sharing them with a massive community of developers.

As our CEO Edzard Overbeek recently stated, the future of the Autonomous World is about collaboration. We take that very seriously. A key part of how we develop our services is making our technology available to other developers and businesses.

When outside parties want to develop applications that benefit from location data, we take on the heavy lifting. With that, entrepreneurs, technologists and businesses can focus on their application idea, while we do the heavy data processing. We’re making that processing available with partners and platforms like SAP, AWS, Baidu and more. Those partnerships alone provide our software capabilities to a network of over 2.5 million developers.



For an example of the types of tools we provide, let’s look at mobility. Mobility encompasses how we can move ourselves from one place to another in the most fluid manner possible. At the heart of HERE Mobility is the Mobility Marketplace, which serves as a central hub for supplying and requesting mobility services, connecting the mobility world. But we don’t stop there, we also develop the necessary technology to allow every mobility service provider to be competitive in the market.

Say, for instance, you’re developing an application that lists out restaurants. Your users can find a list of restaurants in an area. From there, you could add a button that reads “get me there”. The Mobility SDK would then go through all the possible options of transport, and serve up a selection. An Uber might be a few minutes away, a cab might be a few more minutes away, or the fastest way to get there might be to take public transit.

All of those latter functions are provided by the Mobility service, and can be developed into much broader capabilities. This is the future of Smart Mobility and we are levelling the playing field by allowing developers, startups and anyone else that wants to integrate this intelligence into their apps/solutions.

Learn more here: mobility.here.com

Open Location Platform (OLP)

We’ve discussed the OLP before, and we’re continuing to broaden its capabilities. Whether you’re a world leading auto manufacturer, or a developer building the next world breaking application in your garage, the OLP can make sense of the location data.

No matter what form your data takes, our cloud systems can ingest it, make sense of it, and serve the location angle back to you. What’s more, if you choose, you can serve that data back into an intelligence marketplace – in turn receiving data back from that same marketplace to improve your insights and services.

Learn more about the Open Location Platform, and subscribe for an early access preview here: Open Location Platform


Indoor Positioning and Tracking

Location intelligence isn’t just about roadways. Tracking people and objects in the interior of buildings can be hugely important. This goes for examples like logistics managers that oversee warehouses with thousands of parts in their inventory, to store retailers looking to analyze foot traffic inside their locations.

In addition to simple location, we can also analyze location data over time – something you may normally have to hire someone else to do. Where do your customers spend the most amount of time in your store on the weekends? Where are the parts in your warehouse that hardly move versus the items that are most frequently coming in and out?

It’s not just the tracking, but the analysis of location data over time. In this way, we’re bringing a full solution to technologists that use our software. We want to provide these solutions to as many developers as possible.

Via our partnerships with other companies and with software platforms, we’re excited to be giving more and more developers the opportunity to work with our tools. Our software will soon be available to close to 300 thousand developers, enabling them to be more productive, and make seamless use of location intelligence services.

You can learn more about our Tracking product that we announced at CES here: Tracking

As you can tell the common thread here is, there’s much for developers who want to integrate these location services/intelligence and more. We make it really simple for you to to get started building your app/solutions/service, just visit developer.here.com.


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