Have a look at HERE automotive capabilities through Augmented Reality

Michelle Gibbs
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Your iOS or Android device can open a window to our location intelligence capabilities in an immersive Augmented Reality experience.

Our interest in emerging technologies runs deep. It’s a core part of our company DNA. Thus, when we considered telling the story of location intelligence in augmented reality, we went straight to work.

“We can make a more immersive storytelling tool” said Cyril Leman, Senior Marketing Manager. “Leveraging these mobile platforms, we can make sure people can access it and use it so they can understand better what HERE services offer to the automotive industry – that would be an amazing experience.”


As the development commenced, it became clear that the story would fall short if it focused on one facet of what HERE can do. Instead of being about a single capability, the augmented reality story bundles together 4 distinct areas where HERE is paving the way for the future in automotive.

Those stories include the foundation of location intelligence, introducing the high-definition map you need for autonomous cars, creating living maps that heal themselves as conditions change, and enabling closer integration of HERE Open Location Platform with in-car software assets.

That resulting application steps beyond videos and PowerPoint decks, offering a more immersive, engaging story that lets the viewer move in and out of the levels of detail.

©908. This video and the HERE AR City Model app were created by HERE, Graft Brandlab and 908.

Within the app, you can move in close to see HERE True Vehicles move through a city scape to create precise 3D maps of the environment. From above, you can learn how a connected vehicle detects and reports a patch of ice on the road, and how that information is spread to other connected vehicles. From the point of view of a driver, you can see how in-car software delivers key information, enabling more informed decisions as they traverse the roadway. Head over to our IGTV channel to discover everything that our AR App does.

We continue in our commitment of utilizing emerging technologies to share information wherever we can. To get your own experience with our end-to-end automotive solutions, visit the HERE AR City Model page, or get started with the app on iOS or Android.

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