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Public Sector

Easing congestion one traffic light at a time

Welcome to our coverage of the CES Show at Las Vegas. We’re here showing the world how location intelligence can solve some of society’s most fundamental issues. One of those is traffic congestion and pollution, particularly in urban areas.

A traditional way of improving traffic flow has been creating ‘green waves’ – turning the lights green to improve traffic flow and reduce idling stop-start traffic.

But until now, the way to measure the flow of traffic was for an engineer to sit at the side of the road and count the traffic. Now, with the power of HERE location technology, city planners can get a real-time view of the flow of the city and plan green waves based on where the builds up are, what time they’re happening, the speed cars are travelling at and the direction the congestion is occurring.

Watch Priscilla Nagashima Boyd from Siemens and Cyril Leman from HERE discuss how data is powering the future of green waves.

Urban Mobility

Optimize on-demand and scheduled mobility operations to enable seamless intermodal journeys.

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