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Giving students the tools to succeed in the business world

Working with universities all over Latin America, HERE is giving students access to the tools, network, and experience they need to thrive as they enter the business world.

Like most jobs in the technology industry, getting your foot in the door can be incredibly challenging. What’s even more difficult, is trying to do so when you have limited experience and haven’t yet earned a degree.

Having lived through this experience themselves, HERE has created the HERE Community program, a collaboration initiative that provides students with experience in digital mapping and encourages them to form non-profit junior enterprises within their universities.

Once they’ve established their junior enterprise, students can provide mapping services at affordable price points, so long as any revenue they earn is reinvested in their company.

Forging a path

In Brazil, HERE’s program provides office visits, lecture series, technical courses, and field experience, so junior enterprise groups can learn about project management, people management, and how to apply the skills they’ve learned to positions throughout various industries. This knowledge being crucial when attending an annual, HERE-sponsored junior enterprise event where groups present their portfolios to industry professionals.

In León, Mexico, HERE’s program takes a different approach. Establishing junior enterprises aren’t feasible, so instead, students are invited to come directly to HERE’s production center. At the center, they’re taught everything from moderation to production and quality processes, giving them a complete understanding of what it’s like to work in mapmaking.

But what’s truly remarkable about HERE’s Mexico program is how flexible it is. Students can work at their own pace and from any location, instead of being restricted to 9-5hrs in an office space. This allows more students to get involved without adversely impacting their lifestyles and saves them money in transportation costs.

Production visit 2

The reaction

The students’ reactions alone prove this outreach program is doing something worthwhile. Having started with just two junior enterprise groups, the program has grown to ten, simply through word of mouth praise from those participating. Even students who have chosen to pursue other career paths continue providing edits to HERE’s maps because of the enjoyment they get from bettering peoples’ lives. 

While junior enterprises aren’t possible in all countries, HERE is committed to always finding a way to provide the tools and techniques that willing students will need, as they prepare for their careers, having most recently done so at Chile’s Universidad de Playa Ancha and Peru’s Universidad Cathólica Santa María. it won’t be long before students all over South America are helping to comprehensively map the entire continent.

“My edits help the urban development of my country as I acquire professional mapping skills.” -Breno Bueno

This not-to-distant future is already being drawn into reality through the passionate work of community member, Breno Bueno, a young man who has shown so much promise that he received invitations to HERE offices in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. With each visit, Breno learned as much as he could, and is now helping expand HERE’s initiative to schools wherever he can.

If you want to learn more about these programs, or are interested in partnering to begin your own please contact mapcreatorlatam@here.com

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