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Transportation and Logistics

Inside fleet management with Deepak Patnaik, HERE Senior Product Marketing Manager

Getting the most from fleet management technology isn't always straightforward. Our HERE expert is making it easier.

This week, we're looking at fleet telematics with this insider tip from Deepak Patnaik, HERE Senior Product Marketing Manager:

“Rely on dynamic route optimization solutions built with location intelligence to make deliveries on time, keep costs down and leave your customer delighted."

As Patnaik describes, using HERE Map Content, HERE Routing can assist fleets, passengers, and businesses with their most challenging routing needs:

  • Creating ETAs: routing algorithms use comprehensive map data sets to schedule accurate delivery schedules.
  • Advanced guidance: real-world applications without the need for additional coding.

HERE Routing enables users to upload their own pick-up, drop-off and other location needs relevant to their business, and then creates an optimal sequence of deliveries to be carried out by your company's fleet. It also offers important location details such as weather reports and traffic updates to ensure you meet your ETAs.


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You can even route your fleet through the countryside by extending HERE Maps with your own rural routes and other unmapped areas.

Learn more about how HERE Routing can help you streamline your fleet's trip schedule and keep up with demand in the short video below:


HERE enables fleet management solution providers to calculate the best routes for their customers’ mobile assets, optimised for truck-specific attributes and traffic.

Easily solve routing challenges for moving fleets, passengers and businesses with HERE Routing.

HERE Routing

Create a stress-free journey experience with a comprehensive routing portfolio for multiple modes of transportation.

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