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Moderation of comments – If you post a comment containing a hyperlink, it will be held in the filter system – a link is the most certain sign of spam. While we try to catch these quickly, they sometimes get missed. We’ll try our best to check them and approve them, providing they are relevant links, that is. Other comments go through straight away.

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Comments not related to the post – we don’t see the point in allowing comments which have no relevance to the post, are completely un-related and as such, add nothing to the conversation.

Offensive behaviour – Pretty straightforward, really. HERE 360 isn’t a place for offensive behaviour of any kind. Fundamentally, that applies to swearing and/or abusing other commenters in any way.

Personal details – We don’t recommend leaving phone numbers or email addresses in the HERE 360 comments section. Feel free to add a link when you submit your post and other users will be able to get hold of you that way.

Foreign languages
 – HERE 360 is (for now) an English language site. Whilst we consider ourselves a moderately talented bunch, our grasp of foreign language is limited to English, Finnish, German, Italian, a bit of Swedish, and holiday French. As such, if you write a comment in a language we don’t understand, it won’t get posted.