Come and join us at the ITS World Congress 2018

Pino Bonetti, Editor-in-chief
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The theme of the 25th ITS World Congress kicking off next week is “Quality of Life.” Given the location – Copenhagen, Denmark – the theme seems quite appropriate.

From hygge to happiness, the Danes certainly have a keen focus on quality of life. To that end, their focus extends beyond the well being of each individual, and moves effectively into a collective, city-wide effort that benefits all of Copenhagen’s residents.

This year’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress, just happens to be located in the city that has the highest bicycle ridership on the globe. Rain or shine, 45 percent of Copenhagen’s residents happily commute and travel via two wheels. But, the city isn’t car-free (yet) and how pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and buses share the street is a key topic in the world of transport.

As such, we can expect the notion of bringing urban movement into the present, and equipping cities for a smarter future to be at the heart of the Congress. As streets become more crowded and citizens desire frictionless travel, the ITS World Congress is an opportunity for experts in the field to converge, discuss, and work toward the future of mobility.

At this year’s congress, HERE is bringing our unique perspective on modernizing urban movement to the table. For over 30 years, HERE has witnessed firsthand the growing role digital maps, location data and technology play in helping governments and businesses operate more efficiently and improving quality of life. And we firmly believe that enabling everyone to benefit from location intelligence fully requires a shared platform that helps form partnerships and unlocks value for all.

Next week, we will be showcasing just how important this private-public partnership is to develop new services and smarter mobility solutions. The HERE Open Location Platform will show how organizations and developers everywhere can access our database and technology to create new, differentiating and value-adding products and services of their own.

Planning to attend the conference?

As part of our Socrates 2.0 partnership, you can come and learn how HERE, together with BMW, Technolution and the City of Copenhagen are working collaboratively to solve mobility issues for citizens. Also make sure not to miss the HERE team on stage as we discuss ensuring integrated mobility services, essentials for smart cities and more technical SIS sessions. And if you would like to speak to us in person, feel free to schedule a meeting.

See you there!

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