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CES 2020: love a take-out but hate the wait? Enter location technology

Happy, engaged and loyal customers. That's the ambition of any company, right?

But in the world of advertising, there's a gap in the communication that, if leveraged correctly using location intelligence, could lead to more targeted campaigns that add value for your customers and increase wallet share for your business.

Speaking at HERE's booth at this year's CES show, product and portfolio marketing manager Cindy Oran explains why knowing your customers' behaviors and patterns could redefine your relationship with them.

Cindy says: “If you want to create campaigns that effectively target your audience, you first need to understand your audience - and to understand your audience you need the data in order to create refined segments. To keep customers engaged in today's always-on market, you as a marketer need to create more relevant and meaningful campaigns.

“Let's say you see patterns of behavior of people in the suburbs who stop at schools and then commute into the city for work. You could probably class this as a segment of working parents and invest in advertising and campaigns that target them in the appropriate location with corresponding offers and content. Or you could be a sports brand wanting to target sports fanatics with the latest merchandise. So you will want to identify those with a profile that's more aligned with people who go to the stadium, the gym, or the yoga studio."

As Cindy explains, understanding your audience's patterns of behavior allows you to target your audience more effectively – and location intelligence makes this possible by allowing advertisers and retailers to see where people have been going, revealing patterns and enabling predictions.

“A lot of marketers and agencies have wasted millions of dollars where the campaign was targeted to the wrong audience, and therefore not attaining the KPIs" she says. “It's all about helping retailers increase engagement with their customers."

The power of location technology goes further still. “If, for example, you had placed a food collection from a restaurant and they had integrated our location data into their platform, they would be able to see your real-time ETA. Not only would the restaurant be able to make sure your food was ready for your arrival, they could also meet you outside before you even attempted to find a parking space. It's just more efficient."

Conversely, if you're a food delivery business, you might want precise ETAs so your customers know when their order is arriving and can meet your driver to collect it. If there are delays our real-time traffic solution means you can provide your customers with an updated ETA. And you'll get fewer inbound calls asking “Hey, where's my pizza?".

As Cindy says, “It makes the retailer more productive and effective and, from a client perspective, it increases brand loyalty. As a customer, I will keep ordering from brands who are good at engaging and keep me informed."

Location insights deepen customer engagement

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