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Cartography Editor's Picks Powered by HERE Maps

Building a better story with Maps4News

Using Maps4News mapping tool, journalists and editors alike can build more robust stories using illustrative maps.

With younger generations leaning more towards visuals and infographics as their preferred method of reading about a story, including illustrative maps when trying to convey a location-intensive narrative is more important than ever.

Maps4News is the perfect solution. Having licensed HERE maps for use in their API, they are able to provide robust maps for supplemental use in any sort of online narrative piece from hard-hitting news stories, to blog pieces about the best places to eat.

And with the average attention span at an all-time low, now clocked at eight seconds, providing interesting visuals to compliment writing has become an imperative for holding onto viewers and increasing engagement rates. That’s where Map4News comes in.

Easy street and things that are neat

There are a variety of map types to choose from when using Maps4News that can be curated to perfectly support your article. Annotation maps, for example, are prime for tourism pieces or exploration articles, as they allow you to highlight different areas using arrows, icons, and a slew of other functionalities that make a simple map much more engaging and interactive.

Another map type is the locator model. These maps are perfect for highlighting particular areas within the context of a bigger picture. For instance, say you wanted to show hidden gems throughout New York City, you can highlight multiple locations within the confines of the city limits. After typing in a location, Maps4News will automatically give you region options, so you can decide on what works best for the piece you’re trying to elevate.


But the most exciting map model offered by Maps4News is undoubtedly the “dynamic map” model. Dynamic maps are the most interactive, allowing for clickable locations, complete with built-in descriptions of the highlighted points of interest, and pictures to call out specific features one might find there.

All in all, the versatility of Maps4News is what makes it the perfect companion in the digital landscape, allowing maps to be more visually fun and interactive, which is an imperative to remain relevant in the industry now-a-days.

Empowered by HERE

With nearly 100 percent worldwide coverage, Maps4News is the perfect platform for those looking to bring elevated map visuals to their written pieces.

From guaranteed accuracy, to data that’s constantly updated, Maps4News is more than just a web application; it’s a full-service institution that is always watching out for problems, sometimes fixing them before you even notice.

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