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Bringing location technology to the workplace. Call for early adopters!

Our new smart office product is set to use location-based data to help offices of the future find their feet.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that location data and technology are valuable on every scale. After launching our indoor positioning technology a few years back, a number of market engagements have proven a demand for indoor positioning and indoor maps across a number of different spaces and workplaces.

That’s how HERE Smart Office was born. Currently in its beta phase, this new technology brings data to the ever-changing workspaces of today, allowing for the effective use and distribution of space, time, and resources for companies with large spaces and multiple buildings.

HERE Smart Office enables data-driven facilities management

Considering there is no real way to track occupancy and space over time, facilities managers have had little visibility on how their office spaces are being used, even despite often time-consuming manual surveys. HERE Smart Office collects data on what spaces are being occupied, by whom, and when, and puts it through a set of dashboards in the hands of facility managers, making for informed decisions on how to best utilize every space.




Enabling the digital workplace experience

Employees can access HERE Smart Office services through a range of screens – mobile, kiosk or desktop, and these help to address teething problems of the modern workplace. The mobile experiences add an extra layer of knowledge to organizing meetings and booking spaces – from which rooms are closest to each attendee, to allowing them to be more informed about what happens in the office around them. For businesses that have adopted flexible desk systems to best make use of desk and office space, the HERE Smart Office on-site kiosk and mobile app provide visibility on where available desks are, but also help to find colleagues when in the office. Finally, the desktop plug-in helps to streamline various aspects of booking meetings and meeting up with people of interest when working from a desktop PC or laptop.

HERE Smart Office early adopter program

We’re now opening our HERE Smart Office program to early adopters, primarily facility managers and employees. By participating in the early adopter program you would work with our product team and our user research experts. We would jointly help you identify internal business areas where HERE Smart Office could help and measure impact of use. You would have access to the latest versions of the product free of charge and be also in position to provide direct feedback and influence what items the product team would add to the product.

If you are interested in joining and working together with us on the frontline of IoT smart building technologies, get in touch with us.

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