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Aviture adds HERE to its strategic arsenal

As Chief Technology Officer at Aviture Inc., Jerry Koske oversees the use of technologies, security implementations and operational innovation across the company, and works with entrepreneurs through Aviture's Garage program.

When companies and groups as large and important as Moody's Analytics, General Electric, and the U.S. Air Force ask you for technology solutions, you need to create something that works quickly, reliably, and at scale. That's what we do at Aviture every day. But because we can't be experts in every field, we rely on companies like HERE to develop easy-to-use and integrated solutions to fill in the specialized gaps we need.

It's difficult to overstate the ease of use with HERE. With just a token, we can generate endpoints, put them into an interface, and get usable data from the results. After adding a few attributes, we're able to rapidly prototype products for our clients.

The speed at which we can integrate HERE into our prototypes is key for us, because sometimes our clients don't know exactly what they're looking for until we're able to show them the possibilities. All the tools we use from HERE: maps, places, geofencing-APIs, and mobile SDK, are equally accessible and are scalable to meet the needs of our enterprise-level clients.

The customer support team at HERE are best-in-class. What our developers and designers can't intuit themselves using the tools and thorough documentation, we know we can rely on HERE's excellent support to help us solve.

HERE is now a strategic tool in our arsenal to keep us moving quickly, and our projects under budget, which makes us more useful to our clients. We wholeheartedly recommend HERE as a location data and solutions provider to anyone looking to get their projects, large or small, off the ground. It really is as simple as applying for a key from their website and messing around with their API to start building products that get results.

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