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Meet Arizal Kawamuna – our global top map creator in 2017

It’s far more than cameras and satellites – HERE location data is often people-driven. Last year, HERE community mapper Arizal Kawamuna set a new record by providing over 1.2 million updates.

Travelers know: when you visit a new place, the best information about that place will come from the people that work and play there. Our community mapping program asks local residents to share their expertise. Via Map Creator, they can provide data and updates about things like roads, addresses, and points of interest. By providing that data, community members not only lend a hand to visitors, but also promote local businesses and improve critical services.

So, upon discovering that Arizal Kawamuna contributed more than 1,266,500 edits in 2017, we have to stop for a moment to say thank you!

Originally from Banyuwangi, Indonesia, Arizal discovered Map Creator while studying Geodetic Engineering at Diponegoro University. Mapping was already a passion for him, as he was not only community minded, but an enthusiastic traveller.

“Traveling give me a new atmosphere and makes my life more colorful and independent.” he said. “I can learn to understand new cultures, and I share that great experience with others.

At one point while visiting a new town, Arizal found he was having problems finding a particular place that was not well indicated on his map.  The data was unclear, and to make things worse, the street number was incorrect. Frustrating, sure – but what sets Arizal apart from many was his commitment to do something about it.

What emerged from that experience was a passion to update and complete the data in every city he visited – especially in his home town. Now, when he travels, the first thing he does is rent a motorcycle - frequently stopping during his visits to retrieve location data, house numbers, and roadway information, contributing updates to Map Creator all along the way.


This may seem like a unique hobby – but Arizal quickly developed a following.  In the mapping community of Indonesia, he became an influencer and evangelist for map making. To date, he’s used that influence for good, leading partnerships with student groups at both Diponegoro Unversity and Gadjah Mada University, teaching others how to use mapping tools, and spreading his passion for cartography.

We would like to thank Arizal for being 2017’s top map contributor, and we look forward to continuing to support his efforts to create highly accurate, informative maps of the communities he visits and experiences.

Think you or someone you know is ready to be a digital cartographer? Download the Map Creator for Android or iOS and get started!

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