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Announcing Freemium: Off the chart location technology for free

By using our market-leading location services, developers can build best-in-class products to manage fleets, route people and traffic, find places, and make cities and mobility smarter … all with a new Freemium program.

We are always in pursuit of excellence in developer experience. Aside from making sure the APIs and SDKs that we provide are stable, flexible and scalable, we also perpetually reconsider how we’re making it easy to get to work using HERE services.

We know that for many developers, its not just about finding the best tools – that’s important – it’s also about being able to jump in and start working with a minimum of hassle.

In bringing that to life for the developer community, I’m very excited to share the release of our new Freemium plan. Developers will now enjoy access to almost all our location services with a generous free limit of 250,000 transactions per month. Our mobile SDKs are also free up to 5,000 monthly active users. And you can manage up to 250 assets. For free.

Don’t have a credit card? Want to launch your paid application into the marketplace? Do all these things and more with Freemium. And when you’re successful enough that you need more, you can pay-as-you-grow for only $1/1,000 additional transactions, or upgrade to a Pro plan.

The APIs and SDKs included in our new Freemium and Pro plans have been rated by industry analysts as comprising the most holistic location intelligence platform available in the market. We have earned that nod because our portfolio contains a broad range of location-related services. Whether you’re launching an on-demand business, managing a fleet, or helping people move through cities seamlessly, our services are for you.

With the launch of Freemium, we take a significant step forward in our mission to empower every developer to succeed and enjoy using our APIs and SDKs. I truly believe that between the location data and technology we offer and what you create with it, we can fundamentally change the world.

So – let’s start building! Head over to https://developer.here.com/plans and get started now.

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