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Location technology has never been more important.

As global supply chains continue to become increasingly complex, end-to-end visibility via automatization and digitization is key to creating a resilient supply chain and to guarantee efficiency. For fleet management companies, the same is true — by using location tools, fleet managers can keep their drivers and vehicles safe, productive and on the move. And in a world where an increasing number of people live in cities, urban planners are making a concerted effort to integrate location technology into their transportation infrastructure to create a seamless experience.

When it comes to understanding how people move and interact today, it's clear that location data has incredible value.

That's why I am proud to bring you HERE360, highlighting all the latest game-changing ways location data is being harnessed to enrich (just about) every aspect of life, as well as provide insights on outside-the-box ways you can use our products and solutions to enhance your business, organization and even your community.

They’re stories of cities that become smarter, of connected cars, of maps that blend the boundary between virtual landscapes and reality.  And they’re stories about what drives us, why we do what we do,  and why we believe that location intelligence is shaping the future of humanity.

HERE is committed to help use location data as a force for good — and right now, the world needs a little more 'good'.

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Louis Boroditsky

Managing Editor, HERE360

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