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Transportation and Logistics

CES 2021: How 5G technology will transform fleet management

CES 2021 is showcasing the benefits of 5G technology for everything from fire safety to augmented reality, but it can also revolutionize fleet management.

What are your expectations for 5G? Chances are, you have already read something about how the upgrade will enhance life for consumers, creating opportunities for augmented reality games and connecting rural communities, for example. It has the power to bring higher quality video to consumers and will be crucial for allowing autonomous vehicles to communicate with each other and read live map and traffic data.

What fleet managers might not realize is how much it will transform their industry too.

5G Technology for Fleet Management

With 5G, real-time communication between drivers and fleet managers will become a reality.

5G times will be incredibly fast, even in densely populated areas. That means communication between drivers and fleet managers will be seamless, with no downtime or delays.

Communicating to drivers about conditions such as traffic accidents or bad weather will be possible in real-time using fleet management software.

Re-routing because of obstacles can be instantly communicated to the entire fleet, making journeys much more efficient.

Predictive analytics and vehicle maintenance will also be improved.A bigger data pipeline will enable a massive explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing for more granular tracking both on the road and off-road. Ultimately, every single item of cargo will be tracked, meaning that fleet managers gain oversight of all their assets at any time. 5G allows up to 100 times more devices to be connected at the same time than 4G, giving fleet managers much more information to create a real-time picture of their activities.

5G Technology for Autonomous Car

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Real-time insights

The implications of 5G are only just becoming clear, with benefits to road safetysmarter homes and autonomous vehicles all being excitedly discussed.

At CES 2021, carriers and mobile operators hope to demonstrate how the latest advancements in 5G's speed, reliability and efficiency will drive innovation in industries such as entertainment, digital health, and smart cities.

“Location intelligence can also ultimately see companies better understand key areas of consumer demand, and how they can improve their business performance" – Christoph Herzig, Director of Product Management, HERE Technologies

T-Mobile for Business Executive Vice President Mike Katz recently said: “I don't think that 10 years ago we ever could have envisioned the things 4G eventually supported," referring to developments such as on-demand ride-sharing services. “We're at that same point with 5G."

5G Technology for Fleet Management

5G will help fleet managers track all their assets, using IoT.

But even before this becomes a daily reality, location technology can help you to gain more real-time insights into your fleets. HERE Routing and Fleet Telematics can help you to guide inexperienced commercial drivers, enable pre-trip planning, analyze driver behavior and route adherence, and avoid hazardous situations.

Their speed and accuracy will only increase as 5G infrastructure is rolled out globally.

Real-time location data can help with dynamic route optimization, driver-facing solutions, and commercial vehicle estimated time of arrival to further increase efficiency, enabling greater flexibility and scaling for fleet managers," said HERE Director of Product Management Christoph Herzig.

“Location intelligence can also ultimately see companies better understand key areas of consumer demand, and how they can improve their business performance."

Safety first

One 5G benefit which cannot be ignored is the possibilities it brings for driver safety. Features such as assisted parking and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication work much better with 5G, because of its low latency. A message can be communicated from a connected vehicle to a 5G tower, and then disseminated quickly to other vehicles, in a fraction of the time it takes now.

That means the potential is there for fleet managers to run an operation that is not only quicker and more efficient but also safer. That will be good news for tech-savvy fleet managers everywhere.

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