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Inside 5G with Suny Borges, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HERE

Trying to envision what our world will be like with 5G technology isn't always easy. Our HERE expert can offer a clearer vision.

What kinds of goods and services will be improved with 5G technology? That's the question on everyone's lips as we anticipate the arrival of 5G networks.

Currently, HERE and Verizon are collaborating on 5G infrastructure planning projects, in preparation for the installation of high-speed, low latency networks around the world.

5G Technology Benefits in Multimodal Transportation

In a recent whitepaper created by Qualcomm, they predict the economic benefits of 5G will reach USD13.2 million by 2035, potentially supporting up to twenty-two million jobs globally.

But 5G is expected to transform more than just internet service. From improved personalized advertising and retail experiences to monitoring agriculture and its equipment to making commuter journeys safer and more efficient, 5G will change the way we experience everyday life.

“Combining precise location technology with the power of 5G Multi-Access Edge Computing, can improve in-car connectivity and road safety. This is only possible because of HERE's recent collaboration with Verizon, illustrating the innovative possibilities ahead in the area of collision prevention." — Suny Borges, Senior Product Marketing Manager (5G and Infrastructure Planning), HERE

As Borges described, the collaboration between HERE and Verizon expands HERE Telecom and Utilities services, harnessing advanced positioning technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G and 5G, to deliver the best possible performance in terms of accuracy, power consumption, cost and scale. Here are a few benefits we can expect from 5G:

  • Improved commuter journeys by identifying inefficiencies, cutting costs, and improving travel time
  • Ride-shares and food deliveries supported via routing and tracking, while identifying road congestion and parking spaces
  • Access to real-time shipment and truck positioning creating more efficient logistics

By improving the capacity of connected vehicles, 5G can make roads safer overall, for both pedestrians and drivers, via enhanced autonomous and connected driving services.


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5G makes processing “big data" possible and in turn, expands the “vision" of autonomous cars beyond their sensor intake, allowing for the sharing of data with other vehicles via a strong 5G network.

But to reach its full potential, 5G requires the support of location intelligence.

Harness the power of 5G with HERE Telecom & Utilities.

Telecom & Utilities

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