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Infrastructure Plannning

In real-time with Yao Li, Director of Product Management, HERE

Yao Li, Director of Product Management, shares how HERE Telecom & Utilities are helping people access 5G connectivity.

“I could almost hear a sigh across the messaging group when the successful field test results came through...", said HERE's Yao Li, Director of Product Management. She was working on a proof-of-concept project in collaboration with Verizon, part of HERE and Verizon's continued partnership, to find out how they could help improve people's day-to-day by assisting the implementation of 5G networks and better internet service.

HERE and Verizon had three main priorities:

  • Enhancing accuracy and reducing signal delay for road safety
  • Improving navigation in areas with poor signals
  • Refining the pedestrian journey using “gaze direction", to enable augmented, reality-based information

Because of COVID-19 and the restrictions that it imposed on communication, meetings and site visits, Li describes the fruitful outcome of their project as “...noticeably different from the previous year's onsite visit. Gone were the hasty coffee runs, team huddles in a test vehicle, and jovial group dinners. Instead, we had long and anxious waits by our devices, in our separate homes, while only the two most essential colleagues conducted the field tests on-site."

HERE Telecom & Utilities is working to improve your daily experience:

  • Plan next-generation mobile networks, site preparation, and 5G infrastructure
  • Enhance operations and improve efficiency with reduced latency
  • Benefit from 5G-powered location services via the partnership between HERE and Verizon

Overcoming the challenges of a global pandemic and achieving autonomous vehicle grade safety requirements, regardless of signal coverage, was a significant milestone in ensuring safety in urban centers with dense traffic, making the final success of the project even more rewarding.


Did you know that 5G can help enable the real-time, 3D tracking of emergency response teams during building sweeps and rescue missions?

But for Li and her team, establishing the framework for 5G infrastructure is only the beginning. She elaborates: “We would like to guide ride-hail drivers and users to each other in busy intersections without the frustrating back-and-forth calls; help pedestrians navigate with ease through complex and unfamiliar environments... enable tourists to quickly browse shops and attractions, and provide access code, essential on-site resources, and rescue target locations to first responders to help them in safe evacuations."

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