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geomer and HERE work together to help improve advertising

geomer is a leading GIS specialist in Germany, working with HERE location data to help its clients to improve their businesses. Switzerland's leading Out of Home company APG|SGA is the latest to team up with geomer, using its expertise and HERE map data to find the best foot-fall locations for over 154,000 posters and screens.

The partnership with APG|SGA may herald geomer's first foray into Out of Home Advertising, but the GIS specialist has clients across a host of varied industries, including John Deere, which uses location data for geomarketing purposes across Europe; Vodafone, which uses location data to highlight what network coverage is available in different locations, and insurance companies which use the information to understand more about customer risk profiles.

APG|SGA is using location data in a wide range which covers two main use cases where HERE maps are playing a major role. First case is the exact placement and positioning of posters, ePanels and eBoards alongside streets for documentation and viewing orientation in the APG|SGA GIS system. Secondly HERE maps are used for the visualization of the posters and screens and the selection of map areas related to the driving time or driving distance to a selected location, for example a shop or a restaurant.

APG|SGA clients demand even more than that, however, also looking for the best locations around points of interest, streets, railway stations, shopping centers, and this is where data from HERE and geomer can make a significant difference.

Joachim Mack-Goertz, director of sales at geomer, explains:

"If they have a customer like McDonald's setting up a new campaign for advertising a new burger, they'll be wanting exposure in the main cities like Zurich and Basel, and they'll want to book posters and screens with a high consumer awareness or the nearest routing directions towards their point of sales."

Once they've narrowed this down, APG|SGA and their customers can use location data to see the posters and screens that are most fitting for their client's requirements, whether those are located for example on the busiest streets or near to relevant restaurants, for example.

"With over 154,000 posters and screens, APG|SGA need to know where these are, if they're located on the street or elsewhere, and they use HERE data to show the exact geographical location and its orientation any one poster or screen is. This can be done for the entire country," Joachim explains.

"We were looking for ideas for a contemporary map background, adds Marcel Flüeler, project manager at APG|SGA, and geomer gave us the best advice and convinced us with additional services. geomer was able to deliver a layout that was immediately ready for use, which saved us a lot of extra work."

Marcel was equally impressed with the map information offered by HERE, adding: "The layout is intuitive and user-friendly, and the design is clear and modern. In addition, HERE road maps set the standard with their accuracy and quality and provide investment security through the regular updates."

"APG|SGA examined various well-known providers and possibilities," says Frederik Aguilar, Marketing Manager at geomer, "and it was clear that when it came to the development of digital maps and site-specific technology, HERE fulfilled all the requirements. The cartographic representation of roads, railway lines, built-up areas, buildings, water bodies, wooded areas and administrative boundaries were convincing."

While stepping into the world of advertising may initially sound like something challenging, according to Joachim the process is similar to working with Vodafone, John Deere and other clients. "From our point of view, we provide APG|SGA with location data for their developers to use; there's not much in terms of an interface or service, so it's not too dissimilar to working in other industries."

Joachim points out that the partnership could grow even stronger in the future, with the ability for geomer to offer traffic information courtesy of HERE Traffic, and although APG|SGA hasn't currently taken advantage of the feature, it has the potential to highlight the times of day that are busiest and even which direction adverts should face depending on how busy each side of the road is.

geomer's clients are happy, too, with Marcel concluding: "We are extremely satisfied with the combination of road map, licensing model and geo-service"

image credit: Luca Bravo, Illia Cherednychenko

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