Creating a better experience for developers with the updated HERE Developer Portal

Mithun T. Dhar, Head of Developer Relations, HERE
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The role of the developer is becoming more prominent as a growing number of companies look to harness data to deliver innovative services. The HERE Developer Relations team is an effort to place greater emphasis on the importance of the developer's role within HERE, and our updated Developer Portal can help ensure this is a success.

First impressions are important, and the Developer Portal is the first point of contact for developers looking to work with HERE.

In order to ensure that developers can be brought on-board at HERE as quickly and efficiently as possible, and experience their first line of code within 30 minutes or less, the Developer Portal has undergone some fundamental design changes.

First, we designed, built and launched a new Documentation Index page to better onboard and enable developers on our platform. We have also updated one of the most regularly used sections of the portal -- now, the top navigation element is 'Docs', which our analytics suggest is usually the first port of call for developers who land on the portal.

With this in mind, we also now offer a documentation index to help developers get precisely the information they need on HERE products, offering them a crash course in the services available to them through a developer-focused entry point to our product documentation.

Ensuring ease of access for developers looking to find more about our products has been a priority, and now, by grouping products not by technology or product names, but by features, we are highlighting to developers what they can do with our APIs, and the different ways they can do it.

The update, as you may have surmised, is all about making life easier for the developer. This is reflected in the new layout and navigation for documentation pages. By combining documentation and examples into the same layout, developers can see relevant examples alongside the documentation, while the new layout pulls the previously multi-level-left-hand menu into tabs to make it easier to navigate through the documentation levels.

Finally, we have updated the URL structure of the documentation pages to make it more robust and logical, so if somebody visits the page or tries to cut a URL to return to the root, they can still get to their destination rather than be greeted by the dreaded 404 error.

As HERE places greater emphasis on the role of the developer, our goal is to build a developer portal that offers unparalleled user experience. This update, as well as our new Developer Relations team, cements the developer's place is a key component of the future of HERE.

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