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HERE data helps BreezoMeter analyze and forecast air quality

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), more than 3 million people are killed annually by air pollution, to which road traffic is a major contributor. That's why air quality analytics provider BreezoMeter has added HERE real-time road traffic data to enhance its forecast accuracy.

To help organizations in more than 50 countries understand air quality and take appropriate action, BreezoMeter uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning technique.

Data is sourced from governmental sensors, satellites, weather patterns and, now, via HERE Real-Time Traffic -- rich sensor data aggregated from connected cars.

Most air-quality monitoring methods only account for annual traffic data at specific points. That means quick-changing traffic patterns across a city get overlooked; yet such congestion creates a great deal of pollution and therefore has a significant impact on air quality.

Incorporating HERE Real-Time Traffic fills this information gap, as the solution identifies where and when traffic congestion occurs. With a more robust view of traffic flow in key urban areas around the world and up-to-the-minute traffic conditions data, BreezoMeter is able to reach higher levels of accuracy and reliability.

Such hyperlocal data is a cornerstone of its offering, which includes information about pollutant concentrations, live maps and forecasts. BreezoMeter's customers in the air purifier, fitness, cosmetics, automotive and healthcare industries integrate air pollution information and visual maps into mobile apps, websites, landing pages and marketing campaigns to help keep their customers healthy.

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