Garmin GPS navigators in Russia get HERE map data

Philip Barker
Kettering 52° 23' 55.752" N, -0° 43' 32.988" E

Earlier today, Garmin and HERE announced that HERE map data and traffic information will be available on all Garmin GPS navigators sold in Russia.

The agreement between the two companies doesn't just benefit those buying brand new Garmin products either, with customers who bought a Garmin GPS navigator with a Lifetime Map Update subscription after June 2012 also qualifying for a free download of the latest Russian maps from HERE.

HERE has already mapped over 3.7 million kilometres of roads across Russia at a high-quality automotive grade, making it the ideal company to work with when it comes to navigation in Russia. There's also more to the latest agreement than simple mapping, with Garmin products in Russia set to receive HERE traffic services across the country.

Traffic-enabled GPS navigators will have access to the live HERE Radio Broadcast Traffic service, while Bluetooth-enabled products will be able to receive the HERE Connected Traffic service. While the former covers 41 metropolitan areas across Russia, HERE Connected Traffic spans the entire country, making sure that Garmin users can get to their destinations as quickly as possible.

The update is the latest agreement in an already thriving partnership between HERE and Garmin, which also includes HERE mapping and location services for numerous Garmin devices and services around the world. It's a great example of an industry leader placing its trust in HERE Technologies and powering its devices with world-class global maps and services from HERE.

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