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Coyote and HERE trade data for stronger services from both

Coyote, a leader in driver safety alerts, has deepened and extended its partnership with HERE in a bid to drive innovative features for its connected devices.

To date HERE has been providing navigation data for Coyote's freemium app, but will now provide the whole HERE Mobile SDK so that Coyote can power all its connected devices with the HERE engine.

Make it flexible

As Coyote looks to expand internationally, it has to be able to rely upon a connected navigation engine that can provide drivers with accurate road data and reliable traffic information. The HERE Mobile SDK solution, which works both online and offline, offers Coyote complete access to road map data, route guidance and navigation functions.

The map is downloaded on a smartphone or Coyote device so that drivers have access to this information regardless of network conditions, and receives regular online updates and real-time traffic conditions in 63 countries with voice guidance available in 50 languages.

Traffic information, however, is only scratching the surface. Coyote will also use a HERE cloud API to benefit from highly detailed and up-to-date information on everything from the way a road slopes and curves, to road classifications and speed limits, as well as a full range of road signs.

Driven by data

The partnership goes both ways, with Coyote benefiting from better navigation, while HERE  has the chance to improve its traffic information, using data from Coyote devices.

In order to enrich the traffic information provided to its customers -- from road closures to congestion -- HERE is licensing access to anonymised floating car data from Coyote.

The Coyote devices and applications that are used on roads constantly capture and send relevant information, including GPS coordinates, the direction, the speed and the corresponding time, providing precise real-time information on traffic conditions.

This new source of data will help HERE to ensure the optimal quality of its traffic information, ensuring a better experience for drivers across Europe.

The next step in the relationship between HERE and Coyote will be almost immediate, with the launch of a new version of the Coyote app in Europe in the first half of 2017, while products integrating the HERE engine and data will be rolled out gradually.

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