Travel made easy with the HERE-powered Luciole app

Jamie Stevenson
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Travelling should be fun – for months, you've planned, spent time and money on plotting the perfect trip and yet, when the day finally arrives, organisation often falls out the window. Whether you're lost in a new city, or desperately looking for somewhere to rest your legs and enjoy some lunch, the new Luciole app will help take the stress out of travelling.

Luciole, launched by travel company Comptoir des Voyages, offers personal travel advice and services for consumers looking to make the most of their trips. We spoke with Christian Leroy, partner at Thomas Button – the company that designed Luciole – who told us more.

"Luciole is a splendid initiative by Comptoir des Voyages, which aims to offer customers a personal travel assistant that can fit in their pocket."

Christian explains that the difference between Comptoir des Voyages and other operators is its ability to offer a unique, personalised service to every customer, with HERE playing an important role in this.

He adds, "Every customer's trip is unique, so our challenge was to be unique in the way we communicate with each traveller through the application."

Personal touch

Luciole offers this personalisation by providing a wealth of information to guide the traveller through their trip, including details on entering different countries, healthcare and air routes.

It also provides practical, localised advice, with users having access to interactive maps and guidance, offering points of interest for different stages of the trip. Christian explains:

"Say, for example, you're visiting Rome and arrive at 12pm. We can push a notification through the app which says 'Hi, if you're hungry, most of our travellers gave good feedback about this restaurant, which is 100 meters from your destination. The app can then guide you to the restaurant."

Indeed, localisation is an important factor in ensuring Luciole can offer this unique experience, and HERE plays a key role in providing this.

Christian says, "We realised that in order for Luciole to be successful, we had to be exhaustive in terms of map data. In this area, HERE stood out from the crowd, offering comprehensive coverage everywhere in the world except Japan, which is coming soon."

The cherry on the cake, according to Christian, is that the app has offline capabilities. He adds, "Anyone who travels knows that roaming costs can be extremely expensive, and so we want to make sure customers can use the app without costing them a fortune. Offline capability really was a key issue, and HERE offered this."

Take it offline

The app was built by Thomas Button using the HERE SDK, and we asked what the team was hoping to achieve when creating Luciole. Christian explains that it was to offer customers a simple, pick-up-and-play app which offers useful information to make their trips easier.

"It's a highly technical solution, but we had to make sure it was extremely user friendly. This is why we chose HERE – to develop a comprehensive, accessible solution for the customer."

As for the future, Christian explains that the team will be monitoring customer feedback closely to ensure that everything is intuitive and accessible as possible. With Luciole, if it's not easy, it's not right.

The application is available in French-speaking stores covered by Comptoir des Voyages, and can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

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