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Introducing the HERE mobile white label app

So, your enterprise needs to create an app in which maps and location information can be integrated with your content; one that has a native look and feel - without starting from scratch? The new HERE mobile white label app offers the same high-performance functionality as our consumer HERE WeGo app, rebranded to a business’s specifications.

"The HERE white label mobile app delivers on a frequent request from our customers," said Denise Vlaicu, product marketing manager, HERE. "Essentially, enterprises want to apply our popular consumer app capabilities to their own use cases, but most don’t typically have the required resources to start from scratch using the HERE Mobile SDK."

With the white label app, businesses can provide advanced mapping, navigation and journey planning features on Android and iOS - online and offline - to their customers, along with their own content in the "nearby" category of the app.

HERE does all the back-end work, taking the business requirements and making sure third-party APIs and services connect and that security standards are met. We work on branding for a native feel and can customize color, splash screen, logo, name, icons, buttons and links, and then publish it in the marketplace.

Updates are automatically made available in the app and there’s no need to invest in costly technology development, design or infrastructure.



Tested and reliable

Millions of people use the HERE WeGo app and enterprises can now benefit from a long-tested solution, that performs quickly and reliably, delivers an optimal user experience and has been proven to drive repeat usage.

"Research shows that nearly 75 percent of all mobile apps are launched with between 1 and 10 bugs," says Denise, "which not only costs time and money to remove, but also disappoints valuable customers. Since the white label app is based on a product that already has consistent performance and market longevity, these risks are eliminated."

Real-world scenario

For example, a global car rental company used the HERE mobile white label app, to develop a branded Android application designed to assist drivers who are unfamiliar with the country in which they’re renting and navigating its roads.

The app also gives users the capability to download local maps and use them offline to avoid excessive roaming charges when visiting from overseas.

The decision to build this app was driven by a customer satisfaction survey and new income opportunity. The survey showed the app would serve as an important differentiator, and that revenue could be generated through a share deal with local businesses whose locations would be promoted on the app.

Although the car rental company had previously developed apps in support of the core rental business, its developers were tasked with longer-term projects and unavailable. Using the white label solution reduced time to market thereby increasing ROI, and allowed internal resources to be focused on more business-critical projects.

Interested in learning more? How about a test drive? Contact us for a hands-on trial of the HERE white label mobile app.

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