HERE Indoor Positioning brings precision to the industrial IoT

Alex Osaki
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Beyond the standard technology that powers the consumer IoT, HERE’s new end-to-end tracking solution incorporates indoor and outdoor positioning for high accuracy and reliability and has major implications for the industrial IoT (IIoT).



Now, any connected object is locatable and trackable — at scale and a lower cost — which opens many possibilities in the IIoT. In the past because location relied on GPS technology, positioning stopped at the street, and the ability to track was lost once inside.

The new network-enabled solution can be built into off-the-shelf hardware to create systems that are capable of locating an object indoors to within 5 to 10 centimeters. This is an unprecedented degree of accuracy when you consider how small a centimeter is.

Across the supply chain

In logistics and across the supply chain, from manufacturing to shipping, delivery and distribution, the room for error is tremendous. Companies face spoilage not just in perishable goods but also when goods go missing in transit or are misplaced in a warehouse.

In addition to the immediate loss to the company, there can be consequences down the chain as well. Imagine, for instance, if a shipment of car components was lost; the car manufacturing process could be disrupted.


With HERE Indoor Positioning more accurate analytics and precise location intelligence help decrease spoilage and increase operational efficiency.

CES demo

Such high-accuracy indoor positioning will also play a significant role in factory automation and warehouse management. Attendees to CES 2017 can observe these capabilities in action.

When people enter the booth, they’ll see a table with mini robotic forklifts in a warehouse, all built with real technology. The robots will move around a simulated environment picking up and delivering containers based on high-accuracy positioning, bringing the real-world applications to life.


The system can also leverage indoor positioning to select the appropriate forklift and the right route to move products, detect obstacles in the path and ensure the forklifts don’t go off the path and collide.

The demo is a glimpse into the warehouse of the future, which HERE is already helping create. It describes a near-term logistics scenario where the tracking system could automatically detect the capacity of the train car that’s moving the cargo, for instance, align the load in the train with the space in the warehouse, and automatically provide the appropriate number of forklifts and most efficient positioning during the unloading process.

See for yourself by visiting HERE at CES 2017 Central Plaza, booth #CP-2, where we will be demonstrating a range of location-based platforms and solutions.


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