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The HERE Platform subscription plans on our Developer Portal now provide simpler access to a wider range of features across all plans and Android and iOS SDKs. Those looking to evaluate the platform for the first time can do so with a 90-day free trial.

Every plan level now includes standard features and starter SDKs, plus select new features enabling developers to more easily begin to build apps for consumers and business users alike.

“Starter,” “Standard” and “Pro” subscription options all include access to map tiles and pre-rendered images, traffic tiles, street level imagery, geocoding, places, and multi-modal routing — car, pedestrian, bike, and estimated public transit routing. They all now also include venue maps, batch geocoding and positioning.


In addition, all the newly packaged plans come with access to the HERE Starter SDKs for Android and iOS, easy-to-use wrappers of key REST services, including 2D and satellite map tiles, geocoding, places, car and pedestrian routing and places.

We continue to offer a free Basic plan, for use with consumer-facing (public) applications. Subscribers to this plan now have access to a wider range of features too, as well as the option to use the Starter SDKs.


Transaction based limits

Annual transaction limits replace monthly transaction limits for annual subscriptions, providing greater flexibility for the same price. This means your app can accrue usage against the plan limit over the course of 12 months, making it easier to manage seasonality or spikes in demand.

Give it a try

Ready to give the HERE Platform a try? A simpler evaluation registration allows you to get access to our REST and JavaScript APIs, Starter Android and iOS SDKs and Premium Android and iOS SDKs in one easy flow.

Just look for the 90-day Free Trial button at the top of the site to get started.

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