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HERE is at the heart of Iowa DOT’s future

The state of Iowa exported nearly $32 billion in manufactured products and $1 billion in corn in 2014. These are just a few of the goods and commodities that travel in and out of the state, making its transportation infrastructure the lifeblood of the economy there. That’s why HERE is partnering with the Iowa DOT to develop automated vehicle and freight movement technologies.



The multi-phased project lays the foundation for the future of transportation and mobility in Iowa and focuses on a portion of I-380 from Iowa City to Cedar Rapids, but also has far reaching implications.

“Our vision is smarter, simpler and customer driven,” says Iowa DOT Director, Paul Trombino III. The department is working to connect the various modes of transport required to move goods effectively and help its “customers” — citizens and businesses — live and work better.

By leveraging advanced technology from HERE and starting with the I-380 corridor, Iowa DOT will create a more efficient and safe road network and generate more economic development opportunities.


The impetus for the project was a freight optimization and modeling study Iowa DOT conducted in conjunction with the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The Authority’s Director, Debi Durham says, “The optimization study [and new technology] is opening the door to an extremely innovative and progressive future for Iowa.”

All about the data

HERE Open Location Platform, HERE HD Live Map, HERE Real-Time Traffic and HERE Predictive Traffic solutions will help ready Iowa’s road network for integrated automated vehicle and freight movement. HD mapping provides a highly-precise view of what the road network looks like. Real-time data shows what’s happening every minute and that information is delivered to vehicles. Then, analytics are applied to be able to predict and understand what’s happening ahead. Finally, vehicles are connected to the infrastructure.

Paul says, “Everything we do at Iowa DOT...starts with a piece of data. So data quality and integration are the key things for us in the future. Especially as technology is getting more embedded in transportation and really, in everything we use. The better the data and information, the better the outcome for our customer on our systems.”


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