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HERE launches mobile services tests in dense urban venues

In order for HERE to continue to introduce advanced location-based services, in-depth testing and piloting environments are an absolute must. Now, HERE has partnered with researchers in Tampere, Finland to launch the CityTrack project, to plan and develop location-based services in this densely populated area.

The project, which is coordinated by researchers at the University of Tampere, will introduce new services at and around the Tampere railway station in order to help people find suitable connecting train routes, as well as local amenities such as restaurants and shops.

Marko Luomi, Project Manager from the University of Tampere, says:

“CityTrack is an excellent opportunity for the University of Tampere to carry out multidisciplinary research related to urban mobility and cross-channel shopping experiences. We are excited to work together to build a test environment which has never been seen before.”


Team effort

The aim of the project is to provide services to help consumers better navigate the city centre, and offer an improved experience both while traveling to and from the city, and while visiting the area itself.

In order to achieve this goal, HERE is working with piloting partners, including Finnpark, Kesko, Tampere Hall and the S Group, as well as Beemray, local public sector representatives of Tampere, and the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency (Tredea).

The piloting partners will be able to use the service pilots as soon as they are made available.

Jari Syrjärinne, Senior Manager at HERE Positioning Services, says, “The CityTrack project in Tampere gives us an excellent opportunity to pilot the full potential of the HERE Location Suite with seamless indoor/outdoor positioning and navigation capabilities in a large number of different kinds of use cases. We are really looking forward to what we can learn and deliver in this project.”



IoT and the city

Kari Kankaala, Director of Economic and Urban Development from the City of Tampere, touches upon how the project will help to capitalise upon the trends that are impacting businesses and consumers alike:

“The Internet of Things and digitalisation are mega trends in both industry and consumer technology and they will also change cities. CityTrack gives us an excellent platform for piloting practical applications that will benefit the inhabitants and everyone visiting our city.”

The one-year research project will end in the summer of 2017 and is part of the Innovative Cities programme of Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Markku Koponen, the Programme Manager of Inka at Tekes, says:

“The CityTrack platform has the potential of becoming an international level development environment for urban solutions in digital mobility and commerce and it can offer brand-new services for the global market.”

How have location-based services benefited you in your area? Let us know in the comments below.

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