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Introducing new search flow for HERE WeGo

Since introducing some changes and new features with the HERE WeGo app, we’ve been listening to your feedback, leading to today’s introduction of updated search functionality.

With the launch of HERE WeGo, HERE emphasised the route planner above all else, making it easier and faster to get to your destination. With today’s update we’ve revised the search experience to provide you with more control over searching for and getting to your destination. Minna Hekanaho, the design lead for HERE consumer and mobile apps explains:

“We’ve updated HERE WeGo so people can continue to refine their destination searches, especially when they’re not entirely sure where they want to go, or when they want to look for similar destinations. It’s easier to check this out using the map and get more details to ensure it’s the correct destination.”

“You can be totally in control of the flow. From your feedback that’s what people were missing, and that’s what we’re now introducing.”


When you tap on the arrows on the top right you’re taken straight into the Route Comparison screen. That’s where you can get more information to help you choose the best mode of transport to reach your destination.

The importance of your feedback

The latest update also has positive repercussions for future updates and releases, and Minna explains: “We involve people throughout our design and development process. We listen to feedback and take the time to find the best solution based on that feedback.”

The importance of your feedback to creating great apps is echoed by Alex Osaki, from the HERE product marketing team: “Every bit of feedback we get is important and valuable. We care a lot about what our users think and this update is a good example of that.

“We want people to understand that HERE WeGo is about moving around, it’s about finding your way on the go and being able to discover the most effective routes through your city. But at the same time the update was an opportunity to work with the feedback, offering what’s effectively the best of both worlds.”

All of the cool new features are still there and more then, but as Alex concludes, “it’s the best of everything together in one place”.

HERE WeGo Banner

The update is now rolling out. If you want to help us shape the future updates of HERE WeGo, you can join our Android Beta Program, or get in touch with us through the comment section below or our help pages.

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