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HERE Venue Maps make for a winning hack at TechCrunch Disrupt

The winning team of hackers combined in-flight data, artificial intelligence and HERE indoor navigation with a robot to build a new type of flight attendant. For their best use of HERE APIs at the Hackathon, we gave the team several Oculus Rifts as a prize.


HERE Venue Maps APIs offer both image map tiles as well as interactive tiles that provide venue information, geometry, points of interest and relevant metadata. The full models can be used to calculate optimal routes at venues such as airports, shopping malls and sports stadiums.

For a busy traveler, knowing where to go helps to relieve the stress – and that’s where the winning team excelled with their hack.

Hi, have you met Pepper?

Several vaguely human-shaped robots that serve SoftBank Mobile customers in stores in Japan were in attendance at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon – as software platforms, not as hackers.


‘Pepper the Inflight Service Bot’ was a result of furious hacking by Eddie Aguilar, Savalas Colbert, Brian Cottrell, Diego Gonzalez Alanis and Peter Ma. There are many bots like it but Pepper is unique – it comes equipped with indoor maps of airports, speaks multiple languages and uses its skills to assist you while traveling by plane.

Brian said, “We used the HERE API to provide passengers with an indoor route to guide them from the arrival terminal to their connecting flights within the San Francisco international airport.”

Peter added, “This is the first time I have worked with indoor mapping and we are very impressed by it.”



What’s next?

Brian noted that he will definitely work with location APIs in the future, adding, “I can't see them losing their usefulness as long as people continue traveling from one point to another.”

Peter continued, “Definitely, we really enjoyed the 3D Venue Maps part of the Hackathon – it’s a unique feature that I can see being useful in many other applications.”

What would you build with HERE APIs at a hackathon with Oculus Rifts at stake?

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