HERE is the official map provider for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2016

Philip Barker
Kettering 52° 23' 55.752" N, -0° 43' 32.988" E

The 43rd annual BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is set for Sept. 25, and once again HERE is the official map provider for one of the world's most popular races.

Over 50,000 runners from over 130 countries will be donning their training shoes for the marathon and HERE will be providing map, routing and traffic information for the event website and the official app. HERE data will be helping everyone who comes to the event to navigate effortlessly along the race course and through the city.

Using the HERE SDK to build the official marathon app, BMW BERLIN-MARATHON organisers have created a comprehensive app that’s an ideal companion for runners and spectators alike. The app supports live tracking of all runners and navigation to the best vantage points, making it easy to follow and support your favourite runners. Throw in turn-by-turn navigation to the most convenient places to eat and drink during the marathon, and everything is in place for a fantastic day.


If you’re in town, keep an eye out for the HERE logo at transit stations and the airport, too, as the #HEREiswhereyouare campaign will be using digital billboards to demonstrate that wherever you are in Berlin and whatever you’re doing, HERE can offer location services to make life a lot easier.

The HERE team will be present at the marathon, with a HERE Tech Lounge at the finish line offering a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy live coverage of the race. There'll also be a selection of demos providing the opportunity to find out more about HERE and our exciting technology.

Some HERE employees will also be taking part in the marathon this year and we will of course be cheering for them all!


Finally, not everybody has a smartphone with them on marathon day, which is why HERE will be providing old-school paper maps for the marathon, too.

Will you be at the marathon this year? Don’t forget to post to your social channels, using the #HEREiswhereyouare hashtag, and pop in to the HERE Tech Lounge to pick up a special gift from us.

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