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Get the best out of taxi routing from HERE WeGo

Along with the introduction of a host of other features including enhanced cycle routing and car-sharing, in major cities HERE WeGo ushered in comprehensive taxi information to make sure you can always get to your destination on time and without surprises.

The makeover means you’ll be able to select a taxi for your journey. After you’ve entered or picked your destination, simply tap the taxi tab from the top to get a handy route planner.

When you press the taxi icon you’ll see details of the route including the estimated journey time, the approximate time until a taxi can collect you and your estimated arrival time.

HERE WeGo also provides the estimated cost of your journey, and you’ll be able to see the route on a map as well. If you’re happy with the details, simply tap on the phone icon at the bottom right to actually ring the taxi company and organise your cab.


The cities with taxi coverage in the initial release of HERE WeGo are Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, Stuttgart and Toronto.

It’s also possible to get details of the nearest taxi rank with HERE WeGo. Tapping the ‘Nearby’ button at the bottom of the map brings up a box of different options, one of which is the Taxi Ranks feature.

Press Taxi Ranks, and HERE WeGo will also search out all the taxi ranks in your immediate surroundings.

The ranks are all shown on the map as icons, along with their location, and you can either drag up the menu from the bottom of the display to see the name, address and distance to the rank, or, if there’s a specific one on the map that you want to select you can tap the icon. This brings up the address, and you’ll be able to tap the menu to see more information, with details including the name of taxi firms and telephone numbers that you can ring by tapping from within HERE WeGo.


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