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What you can expect from cycle routing with HERE WeGo

Cycling functionality is one of the services to get a fresh coat of paint with the HERE WeGo update, and along with bike-friendly routes, you'll now find handy details like elevation, letting you know how much of a workout you're in for.


Picking a bike-friendly route is just as easy as using regular navigation with HERE WeGo. Just open the map and enter your destination. You'll see multiple tabs across the top of the app, and tapping on the bike icon brings up a series of routes most suited to cycling.


Unlike the other navigation options, the first screen also provides an overview of what you can expect along with the distance and time, whether a route is hilly or flat, and your arrival time.

Clicking any of the options will show you the possible routes on the map, and you can then pull up further details from the bottom of the screen.

There's a handy elevation map at the top, with the profile letting you know exactly how much you'll be climbing and descending and how similar to the Tour de France the climbs are likely to be.


If you are unsure about the best way to cycle while you’re on the go, make a quick stop and hit the ‘Update’ button. This will allow you to easily see which street to take or perhaps just to understand how much distance is left to cycle.

Once you’re back on track, you can lock the screen of your device and put it in your pocket. The app will not use your battery in the background.

If you have a holder for your phone, it will be easy to pick out your next turnings in advance and see the nearby landmarks in 3D viewpoint. Just tap the green button on the bottom left to get a map showing you what’s ahead.

The elevation feature is now available to all online iOS and Android devices and ‘on the go’ will soon be rolling out to all HERE WeGo users.


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