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Latest HERE maps update now available worldwide

From the streets of Rio to the national railway of Romania, HERE maps have been updated around the world. Download the latest map update to make sure you’re packing the latest offline maps while traveling to your favourite destinations.

The Atlantic found an 8-minute short film produced by Chevrolet that explores how roadmaps were made and updated in 1940. It’s striking to see just how similar the map making process was 70 years ago.

On the other hand, we have certainly come a long way (pun intended) since. Our world is changing faster than ever and now we are making millions of map changes each day across the globe. We are driving the roads with the help of a robot operating system that controls LiDAR, cameras and positioning technologies. Most importantly, to grab a map update today, all you need to do is to swipe to the map download screen.

What is new in today’s update

In addition to multitudes of regular updates to our maps in locations across the world, a few bigger improvements deserve special mention.

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has been busy upgrading its infrastructure and public transportation system in time for the games. The city is roamed by a 5,000-strong fleet of drivers are using a HERE-powered application making sure athletes get to their venues.

Those of us who enjoy traveling to beautiful and remote locations will be happy to download upgraded, more detailed street coverage of Faroe Islands.



Public transit gets better

New transit schedules are automatically updated online. Today’s offline map update will add transit lines and stops in Bauru and Marília in Brazil, Menorca and Valencia in Spain, Thessaloniki in Greece. The national railway of Romania is now also visible in our maps. The transit line geometry and visual style in San Francisco Bay Area and in New England was updated to more accurately reflect their layout on the ground.


How to update

1. Open HERE WeGo on your device
2. Tap the menu icon in the top bar or swipe right from the left edge of the screen
3. Tap ‘Download maps’ in the menu
4. Tap the ‘Update all’ button.

After downloading your maps, restart the application to use them. If you’re not sure whether you have the latest updates, open the HERE Maps menu, tap on About and you should see 8.30.63.xxx next to the HERE logo.


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