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HERE in Buenos Aires: the best public transit destinations

In the latest in our series espousing the values of public transit, we take a look at Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, to see which attractions travelers can and should experience while visiting la Reina del Plata.

Cementerio de la Recoleta


While it may seem morbid, this famous cemetery is one of the most visited parts of Buenos Aires. A labyrinthine plot of tombs, graves and mausoleums, Cementerio de la Recoleta is a fascinating, beautiful part of the city and one which deserves to be explored.

The resting place of many of Argentina’s most famous people, Evita’s grave is the highlight, with crowds gathered around the flower-strewn spot. If all this seems in poor taste, the area is a beautiful, well-maintained and respectful monument to days past, and one which should not be missed.

To get to the cemetery is very straightforward, with travellers making use of Buenos Aires’ excellent subway system. The L2 should do the trick, while the 203 bus will also take visitors to the site.

Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur


A retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Argentine capital, the ecological reserve is a sprawling riverside marshland, with over 300 species of birds (perfect if you’re a birder), as well as iguana, turtles and other local wildlife all inhabiting the area.

Offering beautiful views over the Río de la Plata, the reserve is a perfect place for both relaxation, or for the more active among you, bike rental is a convenient, cheap way to appreciate its charm while also keeping fit.

Getting to the reserve is also simple, with regular buses to Puerto Madero stopping a short walk away.

La Boca


La Boca, a barrio in the capital, has a couple of very popular tourist destinations to its name, though is also renowned for its rough and ready reputation. Home to La Bombonera, the stadium of the famous Boca Juniors football team, the area sees a huge number of football fans from around the world visit to take in the atmosphere.

Also in La Boca is the city’s most famous art museum, Fundacion Proa. Situated near the Caminito alley, where cafes and bars replete with Tango dancers vie for visitor’s attentions, the museum is one of the city’s best loved attractions. Offering a huge collection of modern art, some of which is interactive, this is an interesting, enjoyable spot to spend a few hours.

While parts of La Boca are rather less polished than many tourists will be used to (and walking freely through the area at night is probably not the best idea), it also contains a great deal of charm and some well-loved attractions. While the subway doesn’t cater to La Boca, the 152 bus will do the trick.

San Telmo


The oldest barrio in Buenos Aires, San Telmo is the place to go if you want to experience the city at its purest. A huge number of delicious eateries, charming cafes and a sprawling street market makes the area a favourite for locals and tourists alike.

The Feria (market) is held every Sunday throughout the year and is filled with stalls selling everything from antiques to crass souvenirs. It really has something for everyone, and is a bustling, immersive experience for those hoping to see Buenos Aires as the locals do. There are also bars lining the streets, most of which will offer visitors the chance to witness one of the capital’s best-loved pastimes – the Tango.

The closest subway station to San Telmo is Plaza de Mayo, a short walk and one that is definitely worth taking. San Telmo may be rough around the edges, but it’s an authentic, enjoyable way to experience Buenos Aires.

Have you been to Buenos Aires? Let us know where you would recommend to visit in the comments below!

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